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Wedding in Maple Grove MN | Winter Wedding Dress Ideas

For those of us who love winter, getting married in the snow is a dream. However, as much as we love the beauty of these colder months, we should also keep in mind how the weather can affect our comfort and focus on our big day. With that in mind, we’ve put together some winter wedding dress ideas for those who want to tie the knot during the winter season. Wedding in Maple Grove MN

Long Sleeves

Whether your wedding is inside or out, chances are you’ll still need to worry about the weather. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful wedding dress, but a nasty case of chills! Luckily there are plenty of long sleeve wedding dresses that will keep you warm while looking stunning. Keep in mind that even a sheer or lace sleeve will help you feel miles more warm and comfortable on your big day, but won’t necessarily sacrifice the look you had in mind. Embracing the cold by wearing something a little warmer will not only help you avoid unpleasant goosebumps, but it can also help you avoid being rushed inside by your bridal party. If you’re planning on doing some outdoor portraits or taking advantage of the beautiful weather, you may want to consider bringing a shawl or wrap to throw over your shoulders if things get chilly. There are plenty of fabulous options out there, and you can find something that suits both your style and your budget. We can help you find the perfect dress for your wedding in Maple Grove MN.


While lace sleeves won’t be the warmest option available, even a lace sleeve can add a surprising amount of warmth to your winter wedding gown. Especially if you don’t want to commit to a fully sleeved look, lace sleeves are a great way to add some subtle warmth and a touch of elegance. Plus, the lace can help to cover up any other skin that may have been exposed by your strapless or off-the-shoulder wedding gown. Overall, lace is an excellent way of improving your warmth and comfort without sacrificing your style. Lace is an easy way to cover up any exposed skin without looking frumpy or outdated.


If you don’t think lace will keep you warm enough in the winter, or if it doesn’t match with your personal style, then a long-sleeve silk dress is another great option. Silk is a natural fabric that can be quite warm and comfortable without being overly thick or heavy. Even a think silk sleeve can dramatically improve you warm and comfortable you feel on your big day. It also has a beautiful sheen to it that makes it look extremely elegant and adds to the overall style of your outfit.

High neck, Low back

You’re dreaming of your own Winter wedding and can’t wait to find a gorgeous dress that reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable. No matter what type of wedding you’re planning on having, you need to find the perfect dress to wear.

When it comes to staying warm on your winter wedding day, you want to make sure that you’re not exposing too much skin. The best way to do this is by choosing a dress with sleeves that covers your arms and shoulders, but another way is by keeping your chest or even your neck covered. If you’re worried this style might look a little too constricting or conservative, you can always opt for a wedding dress that has a high neck, but low-cut back. This way, you can still keep much of yourself warm in a seasonally appropriate gown without sacrificing your personal style. For your wedding in Maple Grove MNchoose Bridal Aisle to find a dress for your special day.


Capes are a great way to stay warm on your wedding day, and they can be added to just about any style of dress. They’re especially great with lace or tulle gowns because they can add some texture and dimension while also keeping you warm. You might also consider adding a capelet that goes over your shoulders in lieu of sleeves if you want something more lightweight but still warm. While you don’t have to wear your cape during the entire ceremony, it may be nice to have on hand for snowy (and cold!) pictures, or if you get cold at the reception.

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Wedding in Maple Grove MN

Wedding in Maple Grove MN

Wedding in Maple Grove MN