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Bride in Eagan MN | Guide to Wedding Dress Fabrics


Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. It is made from the cocoons of silkworms and comes in many different types, each with its own characteristics. Silk is a natural fiber, meaning it hasn’t been manufactured or processed into yarn or fabric from wool or a synthetic fiber. Silk has a natural shine to it, which can produce unique effects depending on the type of lighting present at your wedding venue. Silk is also one of the strongest natural fibers, with a tensile strength that’s higher than steel. It’s been used for centuries to make textiles and clothing because it’s soft, lightweight, strong and beautiful. Bride in Eagan MN


Chiffon is a type of lightweight, sheer fabric that’s made from silk and/or synthetic fibers. It’s often used to make wedding dresses because it has a soft texture that drapes well and holds its shape. Chiffon comes in many different colors, including white, silver, and ivory. It’s similar to silk in texture and appearance, but is often more sheer, and doesn’t posses the same type of shine or luster that silk does. Chiffon, in comparison, is much softer in appearance.


Lace is a type of fabric made from thread or yarn that’s been interwoven into an openwork pattern, usually on a loom. It comes in many different designs and colors, and is often used to make wedding dresses because it’s soft, lightweight and breathable. Lace can also be used for clothing items like shirts, jackets and formal dresses. It’s usually made from cotton, silk or synthetics. It comes in many different types, including eyelet lace and Swiss dot. Lace can be paired with other materials to accentuate parts of your gown, or it can be used on its own with a nude underdress. Lace is often used to make wedding gowns because it’s soft, lightweight and breathable. Choose a beautiful dress at Bridal Aisle to become a beautiful Bride in Eagan MN.

Matte Satin

Matte satin is a smooth fabric that’s usually made from silk or polyester. It has a dull, flat appearance and doesn’t reflect light like other fabrics do. Matte satin tends to be used in formal clothing items like tuxedos and wedding gowns because it’s elegant and sophisticated looking. If you like the appearance of silk or satin, but don’t like the glossy shine, then a matte satin may be a good option for you. The fabric has a very smooth surface and can be worn alone or paired with other materials like lace or organza. Matte Satin comes in varying degrees of shine (or lack thereof), so make sure to consult your local bridal store for more information on the best type of satin for your wedding dress. This is usually best determined in person, so make sure you give yourself time to analyze this material in person.


The fine weave of organza makes it a sheer fabric that is traditionally made from silk. Many modern organzas are made of synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. Organza is in many ways similar to chiffon, but can vary slightly in price and appearance. It is best suited for light, airy dresses that require a sheer fabric. It’s also a great choice if you want to add some sparkle or shimmer to your wedding dress, as organza can be found in both metallic and iridescent varieties. Organza is typically used in conjunction with another layer of material such as silk or satin; otherwise it can look too thin and flimsy on its own. Contact Bridal Aisle if you are a Bride in Eagan MN looking for your dress for your wedding!


Tulle is a type of netting made from small-gauge thread that has been hexagonally knotted and starched to provide stiffness. It is a lightweight, stiff netting that is finer and more compact than standard “net” fabrics. Compared to other sheer fabrics, tulle is almost always the most sheer option. For this reason, tulle is often used in veils or trains, which need to be sheer. Tulle is also often used as an overlay or lining in gowns and dresses, especially those with an intricate design. It is commonly found in wedding dresses because of its ability to add volume and texture without adding weight.

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Bride in Eagan MN

Bride in Eagan MN

Bride in Eagan MN

Bride in Eagan MN