Wedding Dress in Elk River MN

Wedding Dress in Elk River MN | Summer Wedding Dress tips

With summer and warm weather just around the corner, you might be wondering what kinds of wedding dresses will be the best for your summer wedding. There are many different styles of wedding dresses, but there are also some that are more suited for this season than others. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect dress for your summer wedding: Wedding Dress in Elk River MN

Choose a Lightweight Material

You want to find a wedding dress that is as lightweight as possible. This will help you stay cool during your outdoor ceremony and reception. The best materials for summer weddings are silk, cotton or chiffon. These fabrics will also keep you from sweating too much when it gets hot outside! These materials have a light and airy quality to them, which can make your wedding dress look ethereal and airy. They are also great for brides who are worried about getting too hot during their ceremony or reception. If you prefer something more structured, pick a dress with boning in the bodice so that it stays put while you dance and move around throughout the day!

Consider Sleeves

For some brides, going sleeveless for your summer wedding is a no brainer. The hot weather can become uncomfortable if you’re stuck in a long-sleeved gown all day, but there are other options. For brides that burn easily in the sun, picking even a dress with sheer sleeves can help you be more protected while still feeling light and airy. If you were set on wearing sleeves to your wedding, but are worried about how that could conflict with your summer wedding date, you’ll have to consider other material options. A lightweight fabric like chiffon will be cool enough to wear on a hot day, while still feeling elegant and dressy. Keep in mind that, if your ceremony is staged indoors, you may not have much reason to worry about whether the weather will have an impact on what you wear. If you’re getting married outside, however, it’s important to think about how your dress will be affected by the elements. Visit Bridal Aisle Boutique to try out a variety of dresses to find your Wedding Dress in Elk River MN.

Avoid Large Embellishments

Try to avoid dresses with heavy embellishments and beading. This will make you feel hot and uncomfortable during your big day. Not only will these embellishments be heavy, but they can also prevent any cool breezes from actually cooling you down. However, if you were dead set on having large embellishments on your wedding gown– try to be strategic with where they’re placed. As long as you know they might make you a little uncomfortable with the summer heat, having one or two large embellishments can be very worthwhile if it’s the wedding dress of your dreams. As always, finding a wedding dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful is always more important than how hot you are. If you do decide to go with large embellishments, try to find a wedding dress that has some kind of mesh or netting underlayment. This will help keep your skin from touching the hot fabric, and might even make it feel cooler.

Don’t forget the Shoes

While this tip doesn’t directly relate to your wedding dress, it’s still important to consider while dress shopping. If your wedding is on a beach, or outside on uneven ground, you may not want to wear heels. Finding a beautiful pair of shoes that you can comfortably wear during your ceremony should go hand in hand with your wedding gown shopping. If your try on dresses with shoes that are taller or shorter than the ones you plan on wearing on your wedding day, the hem of your dress could look off. You don’t want to pick a dress that’s going to look odd when you’re wearing it with different shoes, so try them on together before committing.

To wrap up, with your big day around the corner, there are still many areas of wedding preparation to consider. Wedding dresses are one of the most crucial elements of any major wedding and you should plan for months for it. Take your time and make sure to find a dress that is as perfect as it can be for you.

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Wedding Dress in Elk River MN

Wedding Dress in Elk River MN

Wedding Dress in Elk River MN

Wedding Dress in Elk River MN