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A-line dresses feature a snug top that accentuates the waist and flares out into a full skirt. The cinching can be placed right at the waist, or a little higher along the ribs- wherever the bride feels flatteringly accentuated. A-line dresses are often made with a soft satin or silk, though they look good in a variety of materials. In-Stock Dresses in Bloomington MN

Ball Gown

Ball Gowns are similar to A-line dresses, with one key different. The skirt of ball gowns are crafted into a larger, bell shape- often with tulle placed underneath the outer skirt to add volume without excessive weight. This style of gown is popular for evening wear, though it can be worn during the day as well. The silhouette is flattering to a variety of body types and works well on women who are tall or short, thin or curvy. It’s an excellent choice for brides who want a dramatic, fantastical look for their wedding, and is reminiscent of princesses and fairytales. Contact Bridal Aisle to see our selection of In-Stock Dresses in Bloomington MN.


Empire silhouette, empire line, empire waist, or simply just Empire is a style of gown with a tightly fitted bodice that ends just below the bust, from this point a loose skirt is fitted, which has a relatively straight shape as it is unsupported by tool. This type of dress has a high-waisted appearance, and is often made of fine fabrics such as satin and lace. The style was popular during the late 19th century, with modern versions still being worn today for proms, weddings and other special occasions.


Mermaid gowns feature a tight bodice that extends to right around the knees, ending with a flared skirt around the lower legs and feet. This style of dress is often selected for those who want to accentuate their curves, and has a very elegant and sophisticated look.

Mermaid dresses are incredibly similar to trumpet dresses, with one key difference: where the skirt begins. In mermaid dresses, the skirt flares right at, or below the knees to accentuate the silhouette and torso. Trumpet dresses, on the other hand, flare out at mid-thigh, elongated the legs, while still accentuating the bodice. Check out Bridal Aisle’s selections of In-Stock Dresses in Bloomington MN.


Sheath and column dresses are an understated style that lets the natural beauty of the bride shine through. These dresses are form-fitting along every point of the body, and allow movement usually through a lit cut along the legs. Column dresses, while similar, are usually cut to be a little straighter than sheath dresses, while still having a relatively snug fit throughout the entire gown.

Square neckline

The square neckline is a timeless and elegant way to wear your wedding dress. It’s perfect for any bride, no matter her style or body type. The square neckline is defined by its angular shape, with straight lines on either shoulder, connected by another straight line across the chest.

V Neckline

A V neckline is a great way to show off your bust. It’s also perfect for showing off a beautiful necklace or statement piece. The V neckline is defined by its two points on either shoulder that point downward towards your stomach. The v neckline can be cut quite low, or can be kept closer towards the neck- some brides choose for a low cut, but cover part of the cut with a lace or sheer fabric so that their skin is not completely exposed. The length of the neckline can vary from a deep V to a higher cut, depending on what you are looking for.


Strapless gowns are perfect for brides looking to show off their shoulders and arms. Many brides choose to wear a strapless gown because of its simplicity; there are no straps to worry about falling off during the ceremony! However- if you do choose to go strapless, make sure you find a gown with a perfect fit. If your gown is too loose, you risk having it slip or need constant adjustments throughout the ceremony. But if it’s too tight, you risk discomfort and even trouble breathing. You can keep some strapless dresses up using adhesives, so even if you’re unsure if the dress is an exact perfect fit, you can still wear it comfortably.

At Bridal Aisle, we understand how important it is to feel beautiful on your big day. That’s why we offer so many affordable wedding attire options, from our wedding gowns and dresses– including Adrianna Papell and Christina Wu collections, to our mother of the bride wedding dresses, to even tux rentals and gowns for guests. We know that every bride deserves to feel beautiful on her wedding day and we want to help you do just that. Our affordable wedding attire is perfect for brides who want the same high quality of the gowns they love, without the high price tag. If you’re looking for a dress that is both affordable and beautiful, look no further than Bridal Aisle Boutique. We have a great selection of In-Stock Dresses in Bloomington MN.

In-Stock Dresses in Bloomington MN

In-Stock Dresses in Bloomington MN

In-Stock Dresses in Bloomington MN

In-Stock Dresses in Bloomington MN